Fair of Pollensa and Art & Crafts fair


Fair of Pollensa and Art & Crafts fair

Fairs on the island: the real side of Mallorca

In Mallorca, at the end of October the tourist season comes to an end. Where the decrease of temperatures and affluence of tourists in Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa make the peacefulness present again.  But whoever thinks that now people will stop going out, they are wrong. Because with the arrival of autumn, the fairs start, and the one in Pollensa is traditionally one of the biggest and most popular ones of the island. “Firar-se” as the Mallorcan call the action of going around and buying at the fair, can be an enriching experience. Not only because one can find a bargain, but because its one of the best ways of getting to know a region, its traditions, artisans and gastronomy.


The fair of Pollensa: a fair with history and charm

As a group of restaurants in Pollensa, we are very proud and grateful to be in this village. Because the fair of Pollensa is one the biggest and most famous fairs of the whole island. It’s also one the oldest and most traditional ones, the first documented date registered is 1784, but from other sources we know that it started much earlier. The fair takes place every fourth Sunday after Saint Lluc (18th October) and usually falls on the second weekend of November. Traditionally the fair is celebrated on the Sunday, but the market and event take place from the Saturday to the Monday. Before there also use to be the “Firó” that fell on the Tuesday and meant the end of the fair. In 1984 the Artisan Fair was incorporated to make the fair even more attractive. This fair is celebrated in the Claustro of Santo Domingo and normally starts on the Friday evening.




A weekend full of excitement and fun for all the family

In recent decades, the fair has turned from being the most important benchmark for purchases and sales for farmers and peasants into being a show for the whole family, because on the Saturday and Sunday the village is full of leisure activities. At the same, time the roots and origins of the fair are not forgotten, in other means, the origin of its finality. During these two days, the Pollensins and visitors can enjoy an animal fair, cultural events, concerts, craft workshops and theater. In addition, all kind of competitions also take place, for example, photography contests, game contests and even Shepherd dog contests.

The beauty of the fair is the combination there is of trading and leisure as the for the customs and modern acts. In general, it can be said that the fair lives on the participation of its citizens and that is why it is the best opportunity to get to know them.


Eat in Pollensa during the fair

So much activity and bustle make one hungry. It’s true that in many places there are small food market stalls, but sometimes we just prefer to sit down for a while before getting back to all the fun. During the day, the best thing to have is a little bite like the fantastic tapas at La Sastreria, located in the heart of Pollensa, meaning you will not need to go very far to have a snack. During the evening, you can enjoy a nice dinner at the Spira accompanied with the best wines, maybe one of the ones you have tried in the fair? You can also come with the whole family to Pizzería Obris, where we are sure everyone will find their favourite pizza,  and we promise that your day at the fair in Pollensa will have a happy ending.