Live the celebrations for the patron saints at our restaurants in Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa


Live the celebrations for the patron saints at our restaurants in Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa

Enjoy the celebrations in La Sastería

At our restaurant in Pollensa you will find a great variety of tapas, meats, fish and an endless list of delicious dishes for all tastes. Don’t miss out on our gastronomic offer and have a rest from the celebrations with a delicious lunch or dinner in La Sastrería in the centre of Pollensa.


Velomar Restaurant: the celebrations of the Carmen in the port of Pollensa

On the 16th of July the sailor’s procession in honour of the Patron Saint of the port of Pollensa is celebrated. It is a procession by sea where all of the fishermen decorate their boats in the finest materials and leave to do a trip around the bay of Pollensa. It is a very different event and so curious that every time it attracts more and more attention.

After a hot day of enjoying the celebrations of the port of Pollensa what you most need is to go and eat at a good restaurant. In the port of Pollensa we have the Velomar restaurant where you will find an ample menu for all tastes. From breakfasts, to pizzas and delicious hamburgers in a calm environment with sea views, perfect to enjoy with your kids.


Obris Pizzeria: enjoy the Patrona in Pollensa

The Patrona begins the 26th of July and runs until the 2nd of August. A very important celebration for all Pollensans to commemorate a historical event which happened 467 years ago. During these days there are an endless amount of activities for all ages and likes.

The second of August brings an end to the Patrona with the famous simulation of the Moors and the Christians. The whole town dress either as Moors or Christians to simulate what happened so long ago and to celebrate the victory of the town before the privateer Dragut and his men. Joan Mas was the young man who led the clash and battled to defend his town.

The celebration of La Patrona is one of the most beautiful and fun events. It arrives full of emotion and excitement for everyone that attends. Given that, there are always moments to relax a little and be able to enjoy a good lunch or dinner. That is why, we are at your disposal. We have three restaurants in Pollensa (Obris Pizzaria, Spira and La Sastrería) that offer what you need and more to end your meal and be more than satisfied and ready to carry on the celebrations.


Other events in Pollensa

During the next upcoming summer months, Pollensa will host other events such as the Pollensa festival or different exhibitions, concerts and events. In our restaurants it will always be a pleasure to be able to attend to you with a varied gastronomic menu and for all palettes.

In continuation, we leave you with some of the dishes. So you’ll know how to select the restaurant that fits your preferences and tastes.

The speciality of Obris Pizzeria in Pollensa is pizza and pasta. Also, during the week we have a special daily menu. Every day we create a dish that’s healthy and delicious. For only 11,90€  you can select from five options at each stage a starter, a main course and dessert and a drink.

Take a look at the menu of our restaurant in Pollensa and you will see all that we can offer you.

Velomar is our restaurant in the port of Pollensa, where we offer you the best breakfasts. With delicious toast dishes, tortilla and fresh orange juice recently squeezed where you can admire the beauty of the sea from the front line. As well, you can enjoy a vermouth before eating our delicious pizzas, pastas or tapas for lunch or dinner. Our restaurant in Puerto Pollensa has a very ample menu for all tastes.

At the Spira Restaurant and at La Sastería in Pollensa you can enjoy an ample selection of a variety of tapas and snacks in a very pleasant environment that you will love. Both restaurants can be found in the heart of Pollensa. Aswell you can enjoy the island traditions with the best pa amb olis and boards, amongst other traditional Mallorcan dishes .


Live the celebrations in our restaurants in Pollensa

After all the celebrating there’s always time left to eat. You could enjoy the best breakfast in the Velomar, the best tapas in La Sastería, a delicious pizza in your Obris Pizzeria or a fantastic dinner in the Spira. Reserve now your table at one of our restaurants in Pollensa and don’t miss out on an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

If you wish to relax at home, but enjoy delicious food, at our restaurants we also have available the option of home delivery in Pollensa.